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Personal Injury, Employment Law, Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Sather & Holm, PLLC, is a Billings, Montana, civil litigation law firm focused on helping Montanans who have suffered a serious injury, car wreck, accident or disability, individuals who have been unjustly terminated or discriminated against in the workplace, and Montana companies and individuals in contract, business, and employment disputes.

Attorneys Dedicated to their Clients

We represent regular Montanans.  The honest and hard-working people that form the backbone of our state and country.  We represent people injured in car, truck, and motorcycle accidents on Montana highways and Billings streets; workers hurt on the job in the oil fields or at the company store; employees wrongfully discharged or discriminated against at work; and business owners facing a contract, employment, or other business dispute involving their company.  We represent folks throughout the state of Montana, including Billings, Laurel, Red Lodge, Miles City, Glendive, Sidney, Hardin, Glasgow, Lewistown, Harlowton, Havre, and elsewhere.  No matter where you live, our lawyers offer:

  • Passionate and zealous representation on your behalf
  • Trial attorneys experienced in civil litigation
  • Respect and dedication to our clients

Helping Injured Clients

When you are injured in a car or other accident, it is a painful and stressful time, especially when the injuries are the result of another person’s negligence.  At Sather & Holm law office, our job is to help those who have been injured.  We believe our auto accident lawyers have a duty to obtain expedited results for our clients.  If you have been injured, you may be unable to work, and you may find yourself facing insurmountable medical bills you are unable to pay.  Our Montana injury lawyers will fight on your behalf to try to get medical bills and lost wages paid, and to get you the recovery you deserve.  We take great pride in helping our injured clients through these difficult times:

  • Injuries from automobile, workplace, and other accidents
  • Payment of medical bills and lost wages for missed work
  • Disputes with insurance companies

Employment Lawyers Making a Difference

Every worker in Montana should be treated with respect, dignity, and equality.  That is why our law firm represents clients who have been wrongfully terminated from employment, or who have been discriminated against based on age, race, gender, family status, national origin, religion, or disability.  We never charge for initial consultations in plaintiff’s wrongful discharge, discrimination, sexual harassment, employment law, wage and hour, or labor law cases, so call us today to set up an appointment.

Experienced Billings Lawyers in Commercial and Business Litigation

Sather & Holm law firm represents individual, corporate, and small business clients in all aspects of dispute resolution and civil litigation.  When you find yourself involved in personal or business litigation, the process can be frustrating and confusing.  Your personal assets, your employment, and your business could be at risk.  We understand you will need competent and caring attorneys to assist you, and we will aggressively pursue your interests through advice, negotiations, dispute resolution methods, litigation, or trial.

Contact us to discuss your legal needs.  Click here to learn more about Sather & Holm law firm.