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Employment Law

Employment Advocacy and Defense

At Sather & Holm Law Firm, we represent the interests of both employers and employees. Our experienced employment lawyers represent clients throughout the state of Montana in employment matters in state and federal court and at the state administrative level.

Employee Rights

Under applicable Montana and federal law, employees in our state have the right to a workplace that is free of illegal discrimination and wrongful termination. Our employment lawyers fight on behalf of discharged and mistreated employees to obtain back pay and front pay compensation, work reinstatement, and other available remedies for employees in cases involving violations of state and federal employment laws, including:

  • Discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion, and other protected classes
  • Wrongful termination under Montana's Wrongful Discharge From Employment Act
  • Sexual harassment and hostile work environment
  • Retaliation
  • Breach of employment contract
  • Failure to comply with wage and overtime laws
  • Failure to accommodate an employee's disability
  • Negotiation of severance agreements

Employment claims have short statutes of limitations; therefore, if you were fired or disciplined at work or need legal assistance regarding one of the issues listed above, do not delay. Your odds of winning a case or reaching a favorable outcome can increase greatly when you retain a knowledgeable employment law attorney.

Employment Law Defense

Sather & Holm Law Firm also represents business and corporate clients at the state, federal, and administrative level for the full range of labor and employment law disputes. 

We help our clients navigate the complex provisions of the federal statutes (Americans with Disability Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII, Family and Medical Leave Act), while guiding them through matters of wrongful discharge, discipline, non-compete provisions, severance agreements, and all other aspects of the employer/employee relationship. Whether providing practical advice on an as-need basis or appearing in court, arbitration, or administrative bodies such as the EEOC or Montana Human Rights Bureau, our attorneys provide clients with a distinct advantage that comes only from deep knowledge and experience.

Our employment lawyers are prepared to advise and represent your business on a wide variety of employment matters including:

  • Wage and hour claims
  • Discrimination claims
  • Wrongful or constructive discharge
  • Family and Medical Leave Act procedures
  • ADA accommodation procedures
  • Fair Labor Standards Act matters
  • Non-compete and severance agreements
  • Independent contractor issues
  • Drafting and revising policy and procedure manuals

Our attorneys use their experience not only after the lawsuit or charge has been filed, but also beforehand to develop policies and practices for our employers to eliminate conflict before it arises. We understand the economic realities employers face during their day-to-day operations, and the ramifications of costly disputes. Our philosophy of comprehensive representation embraces this underlying understanding, and we work with our clients to conduct their business operations to avoid the pitfalls of litigation. Contact our Billings, Montana, employment lawyers to set up an initial consultation.