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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

When a dispute arises over property, the stakes are high and the results can be long lasting. Coming out on the winning side of real estate litigation takes an incisive strategy, aggressively applied from the word go. This is how we operate at Sather & Holm. Rather than taking a standard, predictable approach, we look for each case’s unique aspects to identify the best opportunities and most efficient path to a favorable result for our client. Sometimes that means reaching a deal with creative settlement terms. Other times it means pursuing legal theories unexpected by the opposition. In short, we are professional problem solvers and do what it takes to put our clients in the best position to prevail. 

It all begins with broad experience and deep knowledge. Real estate litigation often presents diverse issues and relationships, each with its own set of challenges that require specific expertise. Our attorneys have built an impressive track record for successfully representing clients in the following areas:

  • Ranch disputes
  • Contract disputes involving real property
  • Landlord/tenant disputes
  • Deed restrictions and land use
  • Commercial and retail evictions
  • Zoning
  • Eminent domain and condemnation
  • Mechanics' and other liens
  • Adverse possession actions
  • Boundary disputes
  • Easements
  • Trespass and nuisance claims
  • Lis pendens issues
  • Quiet title actions

We handle all aspects of these cases for Montana ranchers, farmers, commercial and residential developers, commercial landlords and tenants, property managers, private landowners, builders, and others in both single party and multi-party disputes. 

Sather & Holm's real estate litigation experience spans numerous industries: ranches, homeowners' associations, landowners, condominiums and multi-unit buildings, office and retail space, and residential and mixed use communities. In addition to representing clients during all stages of litigation, including at trial and in appeals, our Billings real estate litigation lawyers also regularly advise business owners and individuals regarding transactions, state of the law, and potential disputes.